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You can find instructions on cool games like dice games, ball games, physical games to play with your partner/lover, card games to play with friends drinking games around the world and much more fun categories.

Add life to your next party by introducing cool drunk games to play with your friends and life partner by using this app! The largest digital drinking game collection offers several new games for you.

Get rid of party house blues and invite fun over by playing entertaining and fun drinking games. Instead of spending time on coming up with entertainment ideas, use this cool app to find an awesome collection of more than 84 exciting drinking games to play with your friend’s circle as well as your lover or life partner.

Add thrill and suspense to entertaining house parties by following card games instructions from the app and play them real-time with your friends, family or life partner. Try the app now!

Play Drunk Games with Friends
Grab the deck of cards or a ball and get playing while you are drunk to have fun with your friends! Ditch the old-school games and find a new collection of entertainment options by using this app. The app is designed to let you be as silly as you can with your partners and close friends so you can make the most out of your house parties.

Enliven up Party with Games
Eliminate boredom and become the host of the year by entertaining your guests with exciting party games. Add life to the party and collect all the praise by using this app!

● Download and launch the drinking game app
● Choose a physical games category from card games, dice games, partner and love, around the world, or other category
● Follow instructions given in app and play drunk games with friends
● See clearly which objects are necessary for the drinking game.
● Play, drink and enjoy with your friends!

App Features


● Simple and easy party house games collection
● Find a huge collection of party games to play physically with your friends
● Never get bored by playing card games and dice games in your place
● Enliven up house parties by playing drunk games with your friends
● Multiple categories such as dice games, ball games, card games, drinking games with partner and more
● Exciting collection of 84 games described textually
● Clear cut instructions to help you understand fast and play to have fun
● 7 games per category are available collected from across the world
● App supports game instructions in multiple languages including English, German and Spanish
● View instructions from app and play games in actual location
● Quick and easy navigation to save time and have fun instantly

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